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  • Who we are

    Click Clack is, in essence, a short film distributor. We assemble short film collections, each with a given theme, to screen at various theaters.

  • Buy short film collections

    We sell our short film collections on DVD, both at our screenings and in our shop. DVD's of our collections contain additional short films, not seen in theaters.

  • Only the best

    We strive to bring you only the best short films from all over the world. Each short film is beautifully shot, artfully crafted, and has creatively told stories.

  • Filmmakers get paid

    We seek to pay filmmakers as much as possible for their creations. They've worked hard to tell their stories, and we work hard to reward them for that endeavor.

  • It's about the art

    We strongly believe that everyone has a story to tell. We believe in the art of short films, and seek to establish short films as a unique art form and valued form of entertainment

  • Calling all filmmakers

    If you are a filmmaker, and are interested in having one of your short films become part of a Click Clack short film collection, please submit your film here.

If you are a theater interested in screening one of our wonderful collections, please contact us here.